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Thursday, October 29, 2009

i hate it!!!

i hate d 1 whom take my turn,,
i hate d 1 whom cut d Q wif no sorry,,
i hate that kind of person,,

i hate when smthing bad happen & seems to be my fault, evendow its not mine,,
i hate those kind of situations,,

i hate when me myself get angry wif maself,,
i hate that feeling,,

i hate when i couldnt answer exam questions,,
i hate that moments,,,

huhuhu but,,,,there is a but,,
fortunately i never hate maself for who i am,,


miz ruha said...

yes...hate when xdpt jwb exam....

~aquo~ said...

hate it,,


struggle 4 tmorrows~

sumi said...

But I never ever hate you Aja..whoever u r..^^ I'm the one will always beside you..

~aquo~ said...

shhweeetttttt,,tq mi~

miz ruha said...

n it happen again,,,

really2 hate it,,,

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