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mY b0nDs~

Saturday, November 7, 2009


it's saturday already,,

and i, i'm still here,,
doing nothing at all,,
keep surfing all 4 nothing,,
just don't know why i am like this,,

what should i do,,
what should i,,,,,,,,,do~

4 more days 2 go,,
am i ready enough??
don't really think so,, 

faint oredi,,ayark~~


miz ruha said...

jgn pengsan dulu...


sumi said... ja..kite sme2 study..kuatkn smgt ko..igt mak n ayah kt uma..n klu ko msh igt kenangan kite zmn skola dlu,ak nk ko yg mcm dlu yg aku knal...^^ sntiasa brsmgt bab2 sudy ni..yeahh!!!

ur my best soul...can't seperated anymore..
u live in my heart forever...
my only bez fren...

~aquo~ said...

huhu sedey aku,,
aku xley igt yg dulu2 mkin sedey aku,,

knp aku jd cani ekk??

seindahhiasan said...

Anda minat menulis dan membaca?

Jom singgah: :)

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