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mY b0nDs~

Sunday, July 25, 2010



pg td ade post n mentioned that plan pg ni cancelled coz ade meeting ngan dak2 design project aka dp,,
tp suddenly xjd plak,,
diz means both plans cancelled,,
hahaha nk bg aku rehat kot,,
meeting dp tunda ke ptg ni lam kul 3,,
tp aku nk kuar,demi utk mengubat ati yg lara,,
nk mbeli belah n nk seek apologize from the 0ne i had to cancelled the plan with~
n now it's 12.10pm oredi,,
smpt x g meeting ptg ni??
i wish i could make it,,

till next entry,may ALLAH keep blessing me,parents,siblings,friends and all muslims~


yad_element said...

mak sye mmg baik..
sye je yg x baik..
sye pun x phm knp die kate gitu..
projek design..
leh knal2..
jom buat design

~aquo~ said...

yad: jom tlg wat design~

yad_element said...

sye amek graphic kat kolej...
meh la kite share ilmu..
setiap sem buat design..
design logo.. design packaging
mcm2 lg

~aquo~ said...

dop same field plop,,
sy chemical engr,,
kene design chemical plant,,
ley le awok share design logo ye~

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